All of the windows operating system users are very familiar with the following dialog box.

Yes.. this is the Properties Dialog Box, obtained by Right clicking a file or folder.

How can we invoke those in a program? We can. By using Windows Shell APIs.

Why we program the shell ? Simple, but a reasonable question. 🙂

An answer from the author of  “Visual C++ Windows Shell Programming” Mr.DINO ESPOSITO “To Make our application better and richer”

(Do you think, this is the only way to make our application better and richer? Hey .. no.. 🙂 )

Sample code for displaying the properties dialog box is shown below.



      Sei.cbSize = sizeof(SHELLEXECUTEINFO);

      Sei.lpFile = “C:\\Record004.mp3”;

      Sei.nShow = SW_SHOW;


      Sei.lpVerb = “Properties”;




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