Most of the C++ programmers are familiar with vector. Vectors are a kind of sequence containers. As such, their elements are ordered following a strict linear sequence.

Vectors have their elements stored in contiguous storage locations. So their elements can only be accessed by iterators and offsets.


For example, I have one structure like


struct Info


      DWORD dwRollNo;

      char szName[65];


Also I have one vector like this..


typedef vector< Info *> INFO;


By using vector::push_back() or vector::push_front(), we can insert data into the structure.. That’s a simple thing.


Here we insert some data to the vector.


INFO* studentInfo;



            studentInfo ->push_back(….);



How can we iterate through the above structure?

 One way is like this.. J


INFO studentInfo;

INFO::iterator sIter;


for (sIter = detailsList.begin( ); sIter!= detailsList.end( ); sIter ++ )


            Info* sValues = (Info *)(*sIter);

            MessageBox(sValues ->szName);



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