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Hi all,

Do you know, how to get  information about, the MFC version we are using?

Please follow these steps:

1. Locate the file afxver_.h (It is in the folder  “include”)

2. Check the value of symbolic constant  _MFC_VER

3. 🙂 That value is the MFC version number…

for eg:

#define _MFC_VER 0x0800 // Microsoft Foundation Classes version 8.00



When you’re in great distress,
call for God’s help from the very core of your heart.
Be sincere, Pray fervently.
You will get His help.


Hi all,

Today i’m talking about a nice utility, that I found during my googling.


It is a very simple and is very useful for all Windows programmers. During the development/unit testing/debugging of various types of DLLs, it is very useful tool.

RegDllView is a small utility that displays the list of all registered dll/ocx/exe files (COM registration). For each registered file, you can view the last date/time that it was registered, and the list of all registration entries (CLSID/ProgID).
RegDllView also allows you to unregister dll/ocx files that you don’t need on your system anymore. If you have dll/ocx files that don’t exist on your system anymore, but their registration entries are still exist in your Registry, you can manually remove these entries by using ‘Delete All Entries For Selected Files’ option.


You can download the same from