Gone are the days of my past,
Gone are the days of my childhood innocence,
Gone are the days of my first and last.
Gone are the days of being carefree,
Gone are the days of my elation,
Gone are the days of my glee.
Gone are the days of my fear.
Gone are the days of savor.
Gone are the days I spent here.

Gone, Gone, Gone are the days
And I fear
It’s becoming more clear!

Shell Path Handling functions.. 🙂

On my career start, I worked a lot with windows folders,files etc..like, creating folder/files,  copying file from one location to another, rename folders/files, verify the given name is a file or folder like that.

For doing such things, at that time, I regularly used the basic file handling functions in MFC or Win32 and most of the processing are done with the very familiar CString class.

By ‘processing’ means adding or removing the back slash character, adding the filename at the end of a path name, adding a file extension etc 🙂

Now i’m used with some Shell Path functions.. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb773559(VS.85).aspx

here are some quite interesting shell functions and their description from MSDS

  1. PathAddBackslash- Adds a backslash to the end of a string to create the correct syntax for a path. If the source path already has a trailing backslash, no backslash will be added.
  2. PathCompactPath-Truncates a file path to fit within a given pixel width by replacing path components with ellipses.
  3. PathGetDriveNumber-Searches a path for a drive letter within the range of ‘A’ to ‘Z’ and returns the corresponding drive number.
  4. PathRemoveExtension-Removes the file extension from a path, if one is present

and a lot more.. 🙂

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