Microsoft is still on the workplace for making new versions of Visual studio versions. They released the first Visual studio named ‘Visual Studio 97‘ on 1997. After that, on 1998 they released ‘Visual Studio 6.0‘. On 2002 Microsoft released the ‘Visual Studio 2002‘ and in April 2003 they released the ‘Visual Studio 2003‘. After that, they released the ‘Visual Studio 2005‘ on October 2005. And the new baby  ‘Visual Studio 2008‘ on the market, from 2007 November.

While developing applications on different versions of Visual stdio, keep in mind that, a lot are changed. for example , MFC changed from version 1.0 to 9.0 🙂

So the underlying architecture too…

One simple but serious thing noticed by me is the ‘Default Character Set‘ used by the different versions of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2003 by deafult using the MBCS (Multi Byte Character Set)

Visual Studio 2003 Default Characet Set

and Visual Studio 2005 by default using the UNICODE character set .

Visual Studio 2005 Default Character Set


Note this thing, while you convert one project from different versions of visual studio.